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Fully integrated modules for the unique needs of your business
BroadView's scheduling tools let you quickly create schedules using simple "drag and drop" actions. Users can also easily copy, paste and roll out schedules as far into the future as they wish. The system also manages your program rights, amortization, schedule costing and payment tracking. With BroadView's integrated programming and traffic, Traffic staff will never again have to re-enter the schedules created by their Programming department and revisions are always real time.
BroadView's powerful tools include support for multiple stations, "Live Avails" and robust ad contract functionality. Easily manage complex line rotations and the every day challenges that agencies and advertisers present. Real-time spot and copy placement means no turn-around time between information being entered and its appearance on the log. Automatically notify personnel of new orders or makegoods via email.
Sales Analysis
BroadView's flexible, real-time tools allow you to analyze your data in thousands of ways, giving you the information you need to make important decisions. Our suite of sales reports can be output, scheduled and emailed, or run as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF. Schedule reports on a weekly or daily basis and have them automatically emailed to your management group.
The Inventory Manager allows the Traffic team to start booking the Release Instructions concurrent with the development of the Program Schedule and allocation of commercial break times. The Sales & Traffic team can receive advance notice of the Inventory Fill / Avail levels. Enhanced visibility of the Confirmed Revenues booked along with the Waitlisted Orders help with tracking budgets and targets and allow for servicing Advertisers basis Sales Commitments and maintaining the balance of Higher Rates.

With ever changing creative needs and the run to Ratings the Fixed Program Chart needs to accommodate Non-Prime time Weekday and Weekend changes made late in the cycle. Unlike the traditional models of spot booking, BroadView provides the flexibility to handle late programming changes post slotting of spots, thus helping the system bridge the GAP between actual sales and Program Planning.
Automation Integration
BroadView's power integration with a wide array of industry solutions lets you seamlessly handle automation issues including controlling logos, bugs, snipes, lower thirds, squeezes and character generators. Media and ingestion system interfaces for automatic cue sheet timing updates and As Run processing further automate workflow and help save time.
OnDemand Scheduling
BroadView's OnDemand module lets you schedule your content OnDemand services, whether broadcasting on Cable VOD (including SVOD services), over the Internet, broadband devices, TV Everywhere (TVE) or Download-to-Own (DLTO). Functionality includes flexible and easy-to-create navigational trees (Sports, Movies, New This Month, etc.) and OnDemand program information (title, price, synopsis, actors, etc.) and allows you to overlay your own branding information.
Managed Services
Allow you to save on in-house IT infrastructure, time and expense. Our streamlined technology approach provides the sophistication and scalability of larger systems but resides on low-cost and easy-to-maintain hardware and databases. We manage the release of upgrades directly to client desktops with no need for dedicated IT staff on site. Our cloud-based option provides you with a seamless experience without the need for maintaining a heavy IT infrastructure. The goal of managed services is to provide not just a lower Total Cost of Ownership but also increased satisfaction with the Total Overall Experience.
Fully Integrated
BroadView seamlessly integrates sales, finance, programming, traffic, promotions and operations. Data is entered once, eliminating duplication of efforts, and accessed simultaneously rather than serially, reducing wait times between departments. BroadView's modular and open design allows you to add leading-edge functionality to existing systems at an incremental cost.
Easy-to-use BroadView shortens the learning curve for your staff and makes cross-training a breeze. By making your staff more effective and efficient, BroadView not only lowers your operating costs, but also the frustration level of coping with legacy systems. Your management team will also find BroadView "user-friendly" on capital costs, because it harnesses the stability and power of a PC-based, client-server platform. For users who want to minimize their IT footprint, BroadView also offers a cloud-based, hosted solution.
Client Support
With the industry's best client support, BroadView goes beyond just being easy to use. Support begins with the relationship we develop during your implementation and is supported by quality documentation and in-depth training. That relationship continues with our responsive and industry-sawy support team.