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Content Rights and Royalty Management System
With RightsU, it takes just a click to get complete visibility and control of all your media assets. This powerful solution empowers media organizations to manage content at every stage of the assets life. From acquisition to syndication, get complete flexibility, with simplicity and convenience, to manage your asset across multiple platforms, territories, holdbacks and languages.

Additionally, RightsU helps track royalty pay-outs to the Licensor /co-owners, using custom-defined Revenue / Profit Sharing rules.

RightsU presents actionable information to the right people at the right time there by enabling prudent and profitable decision making.
  • Title Maintenance
    As the starting point of the solution, this feature captures all the key metadata elements commonly used across the entire system. All content assets i.e. movies, shows, talent, etc. are stored and maintained at one convenient place.
    RightsU ensures data consistency and eliminates duplication of work by enabling your entire organization access to a centralized database

  • Content Acquisition
    Ease contract management by defining and tracking rights for acquired assets across multiple platforms (TV, online, theatrical and many more), territories (across the world), time periods, and languages. RightsU also allows comprehensive tracking of other contractual commitments including exclusivity, holdbacks, blackouts, limited channel specific airings and ancillary rights.
    RightsU simplifies contract management with a system that understands the complexity of your business

  • Content Syndication
    Get comprehensive details of the entire content inventory for sub-licensing across territories, platforms, period, language and ensure that only assets with available rights can be exploited. Efficiently capture all sales contracts. RightsU ensures you never miss an opportunity to monetize your assets with total intelligence. Ensure that your asset is always working for you.

  • Finance
    The finance function within RightsU allows you to capture the acquisition costs and syndication revenues receptively. Payment schedules can be linked to flexible milestones for Cash-out / Cash-in. RightsU allows increased flexibility in valuing your assets and recognizing costs by defining custom amortization rules, such as straight-line and accelerated basis period and / or runs.
    RightsU provides tools for the finance department to track profitability by managing all aspects of revenues and costs at the deal and respective asset level

  • Reporting
    RightsU has a powerful reporting tool which provides real-time insights into rights availability across platform, territory, period, runs etc. It enables creation of ‘FlexiQuery’ reports wherein users can select custom criteria and outputs from a range of selections. RightsU’s unique system feature tracks granular cost bifurcation at episode level. Asset level royalty reports can be extracted for deal to date / year to date
    Intelligence to manage and monetize your intellectual property

  • Security and Workflow Management
    RightsU makes administration and security extremely simple, by allowing organizations total control of the users’ viewing and editing capabilities/authority. RightsU allows organisations to custom-define approval matrix to suit their corporate governance needs. This ensures compliance and also provides a clear audit trail.
    Protect sensitive information, create clear role definitions
The RightsU Advantage
  • Manages both traditional as well as new media rights
  • Manages multiple interwoven rights variables across platforms, territories, holdbacks, languages
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Gives a comprehensive picture of costs by allowing you to link all primary and secondary Contracts (talents, formats, music)
  • Allows custom defined amortization rules (utilization, time-based and combinations of the two)
  • Flexible recoupment rules for Royalty
  • Real-time visibility into rights availability
  • Automated email reminders to simplify the licensing process workflows
  • Integrates easily with BMS, MAM and ERP